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Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Implant Surgery

Facial Implant Surgery

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then our facial implant procedure would surely do the needful for you. The surgery will ensure that you get much better, symmetrical facial features, which look natural and attractive at the same time.

- Information About The Facial Implants

The face implant surgery may be elective or it can be a requirement for an earlier face surgery or an injury. The surgery aims at enhancing certain out of shape facial features including the cheeks, the chin, the nose (augmentation rhinoplasty and the jaw line as well. The facial implant procedure uses artificial synthetic substitutes for the tissues of the human body. The major use of face implant is usually to enhance the cheeks, nose, chin and the jaw line of both men and women.

- Facial Implants Procedure

The facial implant procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, by giving local anesthesia to the patients. Incisions are made at the desired facial locations where the tissues are reduced or inserted as per the requirements of the procedure. If the tissues need to be inserted, then the surgeon uses man-made synthetic substitutes to do the needful. The incisions after the procedure are stitched by using soluble stitches and the operated area might be taped to give support. The surgical process can take 45 – 120 minutes, depending on the type of surgery.

- Recovery

The recovery time of face implant is considerably quicker than other types of cosmetic surgery. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patients are allowed to go home the same day after the surgery. The 72 hours after any type of facial implant surgery are critical and during this time the patients are required to keep their operated area stress-free without any exposure to sunlight. The tape around the implant is taken off in a couple of days, but there might be some swelling and bruises which will take time to settle. You will be very much fine after one week and can resume your daily activities which you were doing before the surgery.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

The facial implants are man-made or synthetic material which are compatible with human flesh and bones. They are desired to enhance the different facial features such as cheeks, chin, nose and jaws etc.

You are the right candidate, if you have good health and only have issues with your facial features which can be by birth or also as a result of some injury.
The surgical process is not designed to change your looks. Rather, it is just designed to enhance your facial features. The impact of higher cheek bones, or a better defined nose, or a more prominent chin is amazing and has a big impact on the look of your face.
The time taken by the surgery may vary depending on the type of your surgery. The procedure will take anything between 45 – 120 minutes.
The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it is painless.
The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it is painless.
The recovery is quicker and the patients are expected to resume their daily activities after a week.
The patients can feel pain after the surgery and for this matter pain killers are advised. Further, to avoid any infections, doctors also advise to use some antibiotic medication.
Implants do have a certain life and they are expected to survive for about 10 years.
The surgery may result in temporary swelling, bruises, bleeding, infections and some allergies.

- Before After Images For Facial Implant


- What Is The Cost Of Facial Implant Surgery?

In this fast-paced and dynamic world, it is becoming more and more important to make an excellent first impression. But sometimes, flaws and imperfections in your features can bring you down, and prevent you from feeling your best. Cosmetic surgery is a great way to sculpt your facial features into something you can be proud of. Facial implants are one such method to enhance and sculpt one's facial features.

If you have decided to undergo a facial implant procedure, your first thought must be about how much is the cost of the surgery. The costs of the procedure will vary on the basis of the extent of reconstruction required as per your needs. In India, medical facilities provide superlative medical care at a fraction of the cost of other countries.

The Esthetic Clinic is dedicated to assisting you in your cosmetic surgery, from beginning to end. Our head surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome, is an accomplished oculoplastic surgeon in Mumbai, India. Our team of well-trained and specialised staff are committed to providing you top-notch care during your surgery and recovery. We use only the best techniques and latest equipment for all our procedures.

The Esthetic Clinic is a highly specialised medical centre for skin-care treatments and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Debraj Shome is a highly experienced facial cosmetic surgeon and has several accomplishments to his name. If you desire to undergo facial reconstruction surgery, The Esthetic Clinic can provide you the very best options for your dream contour.

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