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Hair Transplant from Body and Beard Hair

Hair Transplant from Body and Beard Hair

Body hairs whether they are on the head, beard, eyelashes or anywhere else on the body are very important. The texture, density, color, thickness of the hair are all very important when it comes to considering the health of the body. Thinning, falling hair and appearance of bald patches on the body especially in the head and beard region can cause a serious dent in the self-confidence of a person and make them look older much beyond their years.

Beard transplant, body hair transplant, body hair transplant to head are some of the common body hair transplant in India options. The hair on the head are generally used for body hair transplant but sometimes the hair on the head are not enough to be the donor and in this cases the hair is taken from other parts of the body for beard transplant in India and body hair transplant in India.

- Beard Transplant in India

Beard transplant is very suitable for people who desire to grow a beard, but are not able to or for those who already have a beard but the hair in the beard are shedding or thinning and bald patches have started to appear. Beard transplant is done for many reasons such as poor body health, poor eating habits, genetic reasons, burns etc. The beard transplant in Mumbai is a type of body hair transplant in India method that transplants that takes the hair from the scalp and transplants it in the beard, moustache or the side burns too. Beard transplant in Mumbai can reconstruct new beard or enhance the existing beard or even be used to cover the scars and indications of other injuries.

The area at the back of the scalp is known as the donor zone as hair in this area are less prone to hair loss and are easy to use for body hair transplant. In case if scalp hair is not enough, then the hair from other parts of the body are used. The body hair transplant surgeon will explain you in detail about how the process of beard transplant in Mumbai works and you must always keep in mind that the transplanted hair will fall down after a few days but will grow back in about three weeks so you don’t have to worry. With beard transplant in Mumbai you can get the design, cut and size of the beard that you always wanted.

Beard transplant in India is a very successful process and gives the patient an option to have the kind of bread that they always dreamed of and one that is suitable for their face. Beard transplant is done in highly specialized clinics and hospital under strict and sterile conditions.

Body hair transplant in Mumbai is performed under local anaesthesia but general can be administered if the patient desires. The body hair transplant in Mumbai is a process that lasts from three to eight hours and a relatively painless process. After the process is done you will need to keep the transplanted area absolutely dry for a minimum of five days. The donor area also takes some time to heal after the body hair transplant in Mumbai.

- Body hair transplant to Head in India

Sometimes the hair on the head falls or get thin, giving way to bald patches. The hair at the donor side of the scalp might not be suitable enough for grafting to the head and in such cases body hair transplant to head is done to restore the crowning glory.

Body hair transplant to head can be done using hair from various parts of body such as chest, beard, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, pubic area and underarms. Beard hair is considered to be most suitable for the body hair transplant as it resembles the texture closely and is considered to be permanent.

However the important thing to remember in body hair transplant especially body hair transplant to head in India is that the body and scalp hair are different. The body follicles are deep and grow in different direction and grow to a maximum length of about five centimetres only. Therefore the expectations should be kept realistic that the transplanted hair always retains its original characteristics.

Not every body hair can be used for body hair transplant to head in India. There are some specifications that the donor hair needs to fulfil in terms of the density of the hair, the similarity between the body and the head hair, the size of the donor area and the length of the body hair. The body hair transplant in Mumbai suitability will be determined by the performing surgeon. In order to remove the discrepancies about the texture and shape of the hair between beard and scalp most surgeons try to harvest both and use a combination of bread and scalp hair for body hair transplant to head in India.

Body hair transplant in India is a very successful process and can go a very long way in restoring patient's self confidence in his appearance if done by a qualified surgeon who understands the patient's need and requirement. It is not a simple job of removing hair from one part of the body to other part of the body; it requires study of both the donor and transplant for suitability and longevity.

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