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Cleft Lip Surgery

Cleft Lip Surgery

The cleft lip surgery is very important in the formative years of the child. Cleft surgery is performed at various stages of life to complete the most natural looking appearance of the entire face. Best cleft lip surgeon in India are able to successfully reconstruct the lips and correct the deformities in the nose. The child is growing and the facial statistics change as he or she will grow up is a fact that the best cleft lip surgeon will keep in mind when operating.

The best cleft lip and palate surgery in India

Cleft surgery is a highly specialized surgery and is done by the experts and the best cleft lip surgeon in India. Cleft lip surgery involves joining the tissues that fails to join when the bay was developing in the mother's womb. This can happen because of few reasons such as genetic. The aim of the best cleft lip and palate surgery in India is to give the best functional and aesthetic outcome as the child grows.

The best cleft lip and palate surgery in India is done under general anaesthesia so that the baby does not move and it is easier for the surgeon to work without interruptions. There are various methods and surgical techniques that are used by the best cleft lip surgeon across the world. The best cleft lip surgeon in India might use different techniques, but the results are the same. The best cleft lip surgeons perform the cleft surgery on thousands of patients every year therefore you can be rest assure that your baby is in good hands. You can always talk to the cleft lip surgeon if you have any doubts in your mind about the procedure and recovery in detail and be rest assured that your baby is in the best hands.

Cleft lip and Cleft Palate

It is very important for you to understand what the cleft lip and cleft palate is all about. Once you understand this it will be easier for you to know what difference the best cleft lip and palate surgery in India can make in the life of your child.

The formation of the lips begins in the wombs between the fourth and seventh week of pregnancy. The body and cells from the side of head grow towards each other to form the face. The tissues join together to form various facial features like the lips, mouth, cheeks etc. when the tissues fail to join together to make the lips, such condition is known as the cleft lip. The result is the opening in the upper lip. It can be a small opening or it can be a large opening that goes up in the nose. This deformity can occur in both or only one lip and the cleft lip surgery is performed accordingly.

The cleft palate is formed when the tissue that is supposed to join the roof of the mouth does not join during the pregnancy. In some babies, the front and back parts of the palate are open and for some only the part of the palate is open.

Cleft surgery is required or not, it can be easily found with the help of an ultrasound during pregnancy. However, sub mucous cleft palate is often diagnosed in later stages of the life.

The cleft surgery can include both cleft lip and cleft palate surgery. The best cleft lip surgeon in India will do a thorough examination of the baby and then advise the best course of surgical treatments.

Cleft lip surgery is a part of the cleft surgery in which the best cleft lip surgeon in India will reconstruct the shape of the lip as well as the nose by joining the tissues that failed to join during the gestation period. Careful dental impression of the baby are taken before the surgery so that the best cleft lip surgeon will be able to compare the cleft with the future development of the mouth. Cleft lip surgery usually takes up to two hours and the babies are kept in the hospital overnight for observation.

Cleft palate repair surgery is done in layers and the muscles of the soft palate are repaired with careful reconstruction to restore normal eating and swallowing the babies. Some bleeding is expected from the mouth and sometimes splints are used around the nose to keep it in shape.

The best cleft lip surgeon in India will advise you to have the cleft lip corrected as soon as possible because there are various health problems associated with it if left untreated such as feeding problems in babies with cleft palate problem, middle ear fluid build-up and hearing loss in babies with cleft palate, dental problems such as small teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, and a speech problem.

We always stress going to the best cleft lip surgeon, because proper diagnosis and careful reconstructive surgery is required with the babies to make sure that as the babies develop into young adults there is not any problem in the dental development and speech.

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