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Cosmetic Surgery

Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer

Aesthetic surgery or medicine includes all procedures that are aimed to enhance the appearance of the face and body of a patient. Aesthetic medicine includes surgical as well as non- surgical procedures. Aesthetic surgery has been in practice since centuries and with time aesthetic medicine has seen monumental progress. Today, aesthetic surgeons use a combination of surgical and non- surgical procedures to achieve the best aesthetic outcome for restoration of facial contours. Apart from reconstructive surgeries, almost all aesthetic procedures including recontouring are chosen by patients who are dissatisfied with their appearance. In India, there has been a colossal increase in the number of people who choose to undergo aesthetic recontouring surgery. An aesthetic surgeon plays a pivotal role in deciding the surgery plan for a patient. Therefore an aesthetic surgeon should be very qualified and experienced so that he can ensure that the symptoms of the patient are not indicative of any deep rooted medical issue. Aesthetic issues also need to be dealt with wisely. Aesthetic surgeries can potentially change a patient’s life both negatively and positively. A well executed aesthetic surgery can promote confidence but an ill- executed aesthetic surgery can ruin a person’s looks forever. An aesthetic surgeon should be chosen only after deep contemplation.

One of the most popular aesthetic procedures being performed in India is facial recontouring. The basic function of recontouring is the same irrespective of the fact whether it is being performed for facial contours or the body contours. In India, there are a lot of fallacies associated with facial recontouring by an autologous fat transfer. But the truth is facial recontouring can lead to marvelous facial contours provided it is done with proper technique. As the skin begins to loosen up with age, the facial contours begin to lose their sharpness and definition. As the beauty seems to become elusive with age, people get stressed and distraught over their appearances. Loss of volume in facial contours can happen to anyone regardless of gender. Restoration of facial contours or recontouring by an autologous fat transfer is therefore becoming popular in India as a method for restoring facial contours. With modern techniques in autologous fat transfer, the longevity of the facial recontouring surgery has been increased. One important thing to know about facial recontouring by an autologous fat transfer is that it is only for addressing the loss of facial contours on the mid facial area. An autologous fat transfer does not do much for wrinkles and fine lines and is targeted for contours only. So, an autologous fat transfer is the perfect method for contour restoration of the cheeks, jaw line and the under eye area. For more comprehensive results from facial recontouring, an autologous fat transfer may be combined with other aesthetic procedures to address the wrinkles as well as the facial contours.

The main goal of an autologous fat transfer is restoration of aesthetics of facial contours by taking the fat from the body parts where there is unwanted fat and transferring it to facial contours. An autologous fat transfer fills out the hollow contours of the skin and hence the facial aesthetics are improved. If an autologous fat transfer is executed properly, the facial contours will look fuller and the body will not reject the transferred fat. An autologous fat transfer is a great option for facial contouring for those who cannot or don’t want to undergo surgical contour restoration. An autologous fat transfer today is used in almost all cases of surgical facial lift. Contrary to common myths the results from a facial recontouring definitely last for a long time. When facial recontouring is done using an autologous fat transfer, generally more fat is injected in to the facial contours than required. The ‘over- correction’ from an autologous fat transfer subsides along with the facial swelling in a few weeks. During facial recontouring, not only the contours are restored but the skin also looks more rejuvenated because of the stem cells that stimulate the collagen production. Facial recontouring by an autologous fat transfer can be customized completely according to the patient. The precision that is achieved by recontouring by autologous fat transfer is phenomenal. The fat is directly injected in to the targeted contours. Facial recontouring by an autologous fat transfer does not need any incisions on the face so the aesthetic outcome is very favorable. But facial recontouring by an autologous fat transfer takes more time as compared to fillers. However, visibly long lasting results coupled with improvement in skin tone, make facial recontouring worth it.

Sometimes, people tend to get confused about facial recontouring by autologous fat transfer and injectable fillers. These two facial recontouring methods are entirely different. In an autologous fat transfer the fat is taken from the patient’s body and it does contain any foreign ingredients. Also, facial fillers can be used for recontouring of smaller facial contours while with an autologous fat transfer bigger facial areas can be corrected.

Autologous fat transfer in India by Dr. Shome at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai:-
Dr. Shome performs autologous fat transfer for facial recontouring at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. With the amount of surgical maturity that Dr. Shome has, you can be assured that you will only get the best recontouring at his clinics in Mumbai. In India patients who are suffering from lack of contour definition tend to use quick- fixes more. So in desperation they do not feel the need to check the credibility of the surgeon for their facial recontouring. This has led many people to have horrific experiences by aesthetic clinics in India. Dr. Shome has restored the facial contours by an autologous fat transfer of many patients in Mumbai who come from all over India with sheer despair. The Esthetic Clinics not only perform aesthetic surgeries but reconstructive surgeries also in Mumbai. All the centers of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai function on the most contemporary concepts in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Shome’s impeccable medical knowledge and global exposure has made all the centers of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai completely unmatched in India. Dr. Shome is the face of aesthetic medicine in India and his consistent pursuit to bring aesthetic excellence to India is reflected in the successful operational model of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. He is available on appointment in Mumbai on different days of the week at all his branches. Success of your autologous fat transfer and recontouring will be guaranteed at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai.

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