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Hair care

- Hair Care Tips

Your hair needs to be evaluated by a good dermatologist specialized in cosmetic hair care, or a trichologist. It is only then that your hair care products and tips can be individualized & recommended for your hair.

- Normal hair:

  • Oiliness starts appearing after two or so days of hair wash.
  • Requires twice a week cleansing.

- Dry hair:

  • Frizzy hair without the normal sheen. Difficult to comb, lifeless.
  • Requires cleansing with moisturizing shampoos and moisturizing conditioner. Anti frizz serums, gels etc. are available in the market. Deep conditioning treatments and hair masks are required for severe cases.

- Oily hair:

  • Starts becoming greasy within a day after hair wash and it .requires frequent shampooing.

- Coloured hair:

  • Similar to dry hair.
  • Use products specifically meant for coloured hair only.

About 50 hair fall daily and 75- 100 hair fall on the day of hair wash is normal. Any excessive hair loss warrants dermatological intervention.

There is a tempting array of hair styling, colouring, highlighting, hair extensions, and various other hair fashion options available today and a lot of us like to try them out. Hair care involves using the right kind of shampoo and the right conditioner in the right way. Along with enough proteins in your diet to nourish your hair. Avoid using oil if you have dandruff. Certain cases of dandruff are very stubborn and need a doctor’s help. Use a shampoo meant for daily wash if you wash your hair daily.

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