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Skin Treatment

Dry skin

Dry skin

- Dry Skin Treatment For Skin And Face

Use a hydrating face wash with ph same as that of the skin. Do not wash the face very often as it will lead to further dryness of the face.

  • Toner is not recommended for this skin type.
  • Cleansing must be followed by a good moisturizer with vitamin E, squalene, omega fatty acids, etc. with good hydrating properties. Get good products suiting your skin type in consultation with a Dermatologist.
  • Sunscreen use is advisable as for normal skin, it may be supplemented with moisturizing factors.
  • Weekly use of hydrating masks and hydrating facials once in one to two months are beneficial.

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Dr. Rinky Kapoor

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Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a cosmetologist as well as is associated with some of the best dermatology hospitals in India. Cosmetology is a mix of the use of art and medicine together in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. She’s amongst the best dermatologist in Mumbai is the fact that she uses the world’s best and latest technological advances to give most natural looking results.

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