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Male Breast Reduction Surgery – Gynecomastia Treatment

Male Breast Reduction Surgery – Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is a condition that is associated with male breasts. Males start to develop breasts at the onset of puberty. Excessive growth of male breasts is known as gynecomastia. This can be easily treated with the male breast reduction surgery.

Male breast reduction is not a very complicated procedure and is recommended to adult males whose breasts have grown beyond the recommended. In most of the cases the male breasts go away as the males leave puberty but in some cases they are very difficult to get rid of even with diet and exercise. There are many reasons of gynecomastia and these include

  • Imbalance between the testosterone and estrogen levels. Extra estrogen can cause larger breasts
  • Reduction in the levels of testosterone can also cause large breasts because of excessive fat tissue.
  • Some antibiotics, cancer drugs and other medications can also cause the breasts to become enlarged in males.
  • Overactive thyroid gland can also leady to gynecomastia
  • Problems in liver or kidneys can also case the enlargements of breasts in male which can be a cause of worry
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause because of lifestyle choices or other reasons can also cause this problem

Sometimes the body just accumulates some fatty tissues causing the breasts to appear bigger but male breast reduction in such cases can be done with the help of diet and exercise and the condition is known as pseudo gynecomastia. This condition can also be caused if you smoke marijuana or intake excessive alcohol.

The very first indication of increased breasts is if your nipples have become enlarged. You might need male breast reduction surgery along with liposuction in such cases. Other indications include excess localized fat, glandular tissue development, excess breast skin and it can be present in one or both breasts.

- To be the correct candidate for breast reduction surgery:

  • You have to be an adult male to be even considered a candidate for male breast reduction
  • You have to be an healthy and emotionally stable
  • You have good skin elasticity

- Male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai India

If you feel that you have unnaturally large male breasts and male breast reduction procedure is something that you are seriously considering then it is time to visit an expert plastic surgeon in Mumbai India. The end result of the male breast reduction surgery should give your chest the most natural looking appearance and the scars should not show. The condition of your skin is a very important part to play in the role healing post the male breast reduction surgery. Another important factor that will decide the process and male breast reduction surgery cost is the how much excess tissue you have.

- Different types of male breast reduction surgery methods used in Mumbai India

The Webster Incision : In this method of male breast reduction the incision is made under the nipples that too in the lower half and therefore the scar are on the dark skin. The excessive tissue is taken out in this method under general anaesthesia. A good surgeon will place incisions in such a way that they are less conspicuous. Full recover is expected within one month of the surgery.

Liposuction method : This is the minimally invasive method for performing male breast reduction surgery. Small incisions are made under the nipple (only 5mm size) and the excessive glandular tissue is removed following liposuction. The incision can also be made under the arm pit depending on the choice of the surgeon. The chest is sculpted to look more natural. For recovery you might need to wear compression garment for a few days.

Ultrasonic liposuction method is a process that is used when the breast enlargement is not glandular. However in this process there is a chance of nipple distortion but under expert hands they can be easily done in the right way.

- Male breast reduction surgery cost in Mumbai India

The most important factor in male breast reduction surgery cost is the surgeon's fees. An expert surgeon will know how to contour the chest in a way that it appears natural. The master surgeon will be able to hide the incisions made during the surgery in the crease of the skin to that they are not very apparent.

Male breast reduction surgery costs also include the hospital and surgical facility costs, medical tests, post-surgery garments and prescriptions for medications. Male breast reduction surgery cost in Mumbai India also incuse the anaesthesia fees. You can also talk to the surgeon if the clinic is offering any financing for male breast reduction.

It is important to understand that when discussing the male breast reduction surgery costs every case is different. Some men have large breast and need extensive surgery and on the other hand some only need minimal surgery to get the chest in shape. Therefore the surgical cost will also be affected by the process used. For example male breast reduction surgery cost will also include cost of liposuction.

Make sure that you understand the cost of the male breast reduction process and what exactly does the process entails before you say yes for the surgery.

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